Buddy Floyd

HAL Animal
permanent resident
Gender: male
App. Birth: January 1, 2000
Adopted Date: February 8, 2002
Adopted Name: Buddy

Buddy Floyd's Story

Buddy came to us as a pup with his brother Andy when a local shelter was full. Buddy was always the more reserved of the two and we were thrilled when he found a loving family of his own.

Buddy lived with his new family for over a year before he finally had to come back to the sanctuary. His early traumas in life had apparently made him unpredictable. Though he had never shown any signs of aggression at the sanctuary, nor for a year after living with his new family, one day he acted out against the littlest child and had to come back. It was a sad day for all...the family was devastated, and even Buddy seemed confused. But we appreciated the family bringing him back to us--they still loved him and wanted what was best for him. They were just saddened it couldn't be with them.

So, Buddy is back in our care where the quiet country life seems to suit him. We appreciate that he was given a chance to know love.
Though reading it can be bittersweet now, we wanted to include some words from his family after he was first adopted, because it shows their commitment to his well-being, and how he did blossom in their care. We consider Buddy a success because at any other shelter, he would have been euthanized immediately for his actions. Buddy is not an aggressive dog, but we acknowledge that his place is at the sanctuary where his issues can be resolved in peace.

From his adopted family:
"We originally went to HAL to see another dog which turned out to be a very big dog. We looked at several dogs, but with four children in tow, we all liked different dogs. I felt an instant attraction the moment I saw Buddy. All the other dogs were running around, happy to welcome their new admirers. Buddy stood far back, just watching, but his beautiful eyes just said something. He was very scared, but with lots of coaxing he finally let two of the children stroke him. I really wanted him, but the kids still had the vision of taking home a happy, energetic, playful dog...

[after bringing him home]...He was very scared and stayed under the table until the evening when he crept out to check out his new surroundings. He still would not come up to any of us and I had to literally drag him outside and back in. He did not eat for several days, and continued to hide under the table when he was inside. Each day we would earn more trust with Buddy, and he gradually got used to his new home. It was like having a new baby and we got excited at each new accomplishment.

Now, four months later, he is so happy and has fit in with us so well. When we come home, he is there to greet us--tail wagging. He loves kids-when we had a slumber party and I had 8 little girls all in their sleeping bags on my living room floor, there was Buddy right in the middle of them. With his head on a pillow.

He loves his walks and runs around the house when we get his leash out. He is scared of thunder and any time there is a storm, I wait to see who will be in my bed first--Buddy or the kids. Buddy always wins! He loves to go on trips and we have to be quick if we don't want him to come because before you know it, I have four kids and Buddy in the van. He is now such a people dog, he likes to be wherever we are. I am very grateful to be given the chance to prove to Buddy that humans are not so bad after all."

Special Needs: none

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