Wish Lists

If you are able to contribute any of the items on the wish lists for the animals, please contact us. Your contribution is tax deductible.

Cats: kitty litter, cat trees, perches, scratching posts, cat toys (no fur or leather please), corrugated cardboard scratching posts, 2-story play pens, cat carriers, litter boxes, poop scoops, separate food/water bowls, collars, humane traps

Dogs: leashes/collars of all sizes, dog crates (large, open wire please), toys (durable chew toys like Kongs, balls, etc), separate food/water bowls (heavy duty), dog houses

Farmed Animals: hay, grain, fresh fruit, wormers, insecticides

Grooming supplies: brushes, combs, slickers, nail clippers

Bedding: straw, clean and gently used blankets, towels, sheets

Vet Supplies: Frontline/Heartgard, antibacterial hand gel, eye/ear ointment, Panacur, syringes, first aid kits, discounted vet services

Cleaning Supplies: paper towels, garbage bags (large, heavy duty),poop scoops (extra large), push brooms, non-toxic cleaners, brooms/dustpans

Office Supplies: stamps, photo paper, multipurpose paper, Sharpie permanent markers, CDs, DVDs, discounted printing services

Grounds Maintenance: storage shed, lumber, fencing materials, riding lawn mower, water tanks, large shovels, lawn care equipment

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