Mission & Programs

Home At Last, accredited by the American Sanctuary Association, provides care for both companion and farmed animals and includes a separate wildlife refuge.

We are a "for-life" sanctuary emphasizing the concept of compassion and offering exceptional quality of life for many formerly abandoned or abused animals.

Our message is simple... Compassion for ALL species.

Home At Last Animal Sanctuary is formed to:

  1. rescue and provide lifetime care for abandoned or abused dogs, cats, pigs, cows, rabbits, horses, and other animals as deemed appropriate by the board of directors. We rescue animals from the street and communicate with local shelters to provide assistance to animals in immediate need.
  2. promote the concept of harmlessness in the operation of the sanctuary
  3. provide spay/neuter assistance to the community (as funds allow)
  4. maintain an active re-homing program for adoptable animals
  5. maintain a spay/neuter policy for all Home At Last animals, unless deemed a health risk by a veterinarian
  6. maintain an educational outreach program which shall include, but not be limited to, newsletters, community events, and tours of the sanctuary
  7. emphasize the kinship of all life and rights of all animal species
  8. humanely euthanize animals ONLY in cases of failed health, extreme pain, or when other health factors make it impossible for an animal to enjoy a reasonable quality of life; Home At Last shall never euthanize animals to control the population of the sanctuary
  9. encourage a vegan lifestyle for humans and companion animals.

Programs include:
Rescue, Adoption, Education Outreach, and Low-income Spay/Neuter Assistance.

** What we are able to do at any given time is dependent upon available resources.

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