historyHome At Last Animal Sanctuary was organized in 1997 by a small group of animal advocates and is located in rural central Kentucky. Looking for a way to combine hands-on rescue while educating the community about animal welfare issues such as overpopulation and factory farming, Home At Last was born.

Over the years, we have made a difference for hundreds of animals who have either come to live out their lives at the sanctuary or have been re-homed through our adoption program. We are a unique organization because while many groups rescue companion animals, or farmed animals, or practice vegetarian feeding, we do all three. Not only that, we are also accredited by the American Sanctuary Association. These factors make Home At Last unique not only to KY, but to the entire United States, and possibly the world!!
*Beginning in 2011, we switched to a high-quality meat-based diet due to extremely limited funds. We still believe wholeheartedly in a vegetarian diet for companion animals and hope to return to it at some point. We will be happy to counsel you on the process of introducing this diet to your animals.

historyOur mission is three-fold: rescue, adoption, and education. We rescue animals from the streets and communicate with local shelters to provide aid to animals in immediate need. Unfortunately, animals in rural areas are largely considered commodities rather than sentient beings—and the need in our area is great. To do the most good, we must grow slowly, set a sensible example for the public at large, and offer an effective educational outreach program that reinforces our rescue operation.

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